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Customize your iOS widgets

Widgetsmith Custom Widgets is a productivity program for iOS. The program was developed by David Smith the same creator of Watchsmith, Sleep++, and Pedometer++. You can expect the app to follow the same interface as other iOS devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch. With Widgetsmith, you can customize and personalize widgets for your phone or tablet’s home screen; you will now have all your important apps in one neat and balanced display. 

How do you use Widgetsmith?

Widgets on the iPhone come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Each app is different; it can display an array of information as well as different fonts, colors, tints, and backgrounds. To create a widget, simply click the Add button. You will need to pick one of the three sizes first before tapping on the application you want to include on the screen.

It is also up to you as to what information you want to the app to present on the widget. Basic information such as the time and date are available, but so are calendars, notes, weather updates, activities, tides, astrological signs, and images. Each data type can be displayed in a variety of ways. For example, the clock can be displayed in analog or digital format. You can also have the monthly calendar displayed beside the time.

Customization does not stop there. You can select the font style, text colors, and backgrounds for the widget. There is an extensive set of options that can meet any preference. Whether you’re want to focus on style or information,  it is entirely up to you how it will appear on your screen. You can always go back and edit it by long-pressing it and selecting Edit Widget. Immediately, all your designs will appear for you to select.

Go-to program for customizing widgets 

Widgetsmith is a simple yet powerful app for your Apple device. It allows you to customize your screen and make it uniquely yours. The app can also be a way for you to organize your applications so you can access them faster. In turn, you’ll be able to swipe through your screen more efficiently. 


  • Organize iOS applications
  • Customize your widget size
  • Apply different fonts, colors, and themes
  • Displays date, time, and other information


  • Information depends on app developer


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Widgetsmith 1.0.1 for iPhone


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